Dr. Ioannis Nasioulas runs for Mayor of Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr. Ioannis Nasioulas has announced his candidacy for Mayor of Thessaloniki, Greece in the forthcoming municipal elections of May 2019.

«Today I announce my candiday for the City of Thessaloniki. In the decisive forthcoming municipal elections the Greek women and men of our city will have a choice of success, unity and leadership. Thessaloniki returns to us all.

We have dignity. Now we also have a choice. We have a voice. And our voice resounds Greek as it is and is heard all over the world. The social front of the many seeks to see Thessaloniki reinstated as the leading polis of the Balkans – the vibrant edge of an all-new Greece: sovereign, creative and proud.

All over Greece people are rising up. They will not sit with their arms crossed watching their homeland rights being given away. Greeks are tired of the consequent betrayals and seek out to finding clear faces with courage and articulation, who will withstand against blackmails and will stand for the national benefit in a spirit of self-sacrifice. They are not intimidated into believing that Greece is off and they posses the inner strength to stand affront for what their conscience tells them. They are not fooled by the false reassurances, because they know that Macedonia, our homeland, possesses riches that others covet.

I spared no effort for presenting more than just one person available for the people of Thessaloniki to chose: we have teamed up in a political movement in which some of the most dynamic and successful young leaders of our great city are joining forces, along with personalities which unite us all with their experience and long-standing contribution to the commons.

I envisage a firm and sound City of Thessaloniki, which will face Europe and the world in plain and direct words, reiterating that Macedonia is one, Greek and only Greek. We are designing a social development strategy promising to cater for those left behind by the fallen central state in times of intense duress and rebuilding our home with domestic materials. I entrust our vision to social innovation and the youth, which will surely come up with their own solutions in light of our common-benefit trajectory.

We all take a stand for Thessaloniki»!

Ioannis Nasioulas is a Doctor of Sociology, a European Commission Expert and the Director of the Social Economy Institute. Learn more on: www.ethnikigrammi.gr

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